Boyfriend – Janus Lyrics

Boyfriend – 야누스 (Janus) Lyrics


*jigeum utgo itjiman aesseo chamgo isseo nan
tteollineun nae du soneul himkkeot japgo isseo nan
sokgo inneun geoya neon gwaenchantaneun nae mare
deung dwieseo nunmureul modu ssotgo isseo nan

tteollideon jageun eokkaega geu jageun ipsuri
mianhae nae apeseo jujeo antneun neo
tteugeopdeon nareul samkigo ni nunmul humchimyeo
mianhae on himeul dahae anneun na

neoui eokkae neomeo baetneun hansum neoui eokkae neomeo chaoneun nunmul
geugeon naman aneun siseone namginda
kkeutkkaji neoui gieok ane salgo sipgo neoui gieok ane utgoman sipeo
babocheoreom geujeo neoege utneunda

**You’re not a bad girl You’re not a bad girl nal wihan nunmul geu nunmul geodwo
geu aega dachyeo na ttaeme dachyeo geureoni chamgo tto chamaya hae

rap)nega wae nega wae nega wae na ttaeme ureo
neon hangsang barkge useo wae ureo
ijeo nan da teolgo pyeonhage tteona
mot mitni ne balmok japgo sipji anha

naui gaseum gipi ttwineun simjang naui gaseum gipi jabadun miryeon
geugeon naman aneun mameuro mutneunda
kkeutkkaji neoui useummaneul bogo sipgo neoui useummaneun jikigo sipeo
eojecheoreom geujeo naege useojwo

You’re not a bad girl You’re not a bad girl yeogi nae simjang nae simjang soge
nae sogeul gamchwo neol wihae gamchwo nareul dajapgo tto jabaya hae

rap)neomani nae juinigo wonhamyeon nareul tteonal su itgo
gikkeoi neoreul bonae neol wihae naneun neol bonae

** repeat
* repeat

English Translation

I may be smiling right now but I’m trying to hold it in
I’m strongly clutching my two hands
You’re being deceived when I’m saying that I’m OK
I am shedding all my tears behind your back

Your small, trembling shoulders, your small lips
I’m sorry – you collapse before me
You swallow me up hotly and shed tears
I’m sorry – you hug me with all your strength

I let out a sigh past your shoulders, tears rise up past your shoulders
But only I know how I look
I want to live in your memory till the end, I want to smile in your memory
Like a fool, I just smile at you

You’re not a bad girl, You’re not a bad girl
The tears shed for me, put those tears away
She will be hurt, hurt because of me, so I need to hold it in

Why, why, why are you crying because of me?
You should always brightly smile, why are you crying?
Forget me, brush me off and leave in peace
Don’t you believe me? I don’t want to bring you down

My heart that beats from deep inside, the lingering attachment that’s deep inside
I just bury it as something only I know
I want to see only your smile till the end, I want to protect your smile
Like yesterday, just smile at me

You’re not a bad girl You’re not a bad girl
In my heart, in my heart
I hide my feelings, I hide it for you so I need to hold myself back

Only you are my master, if you want, you can leave me
I will let you go, for you, I will let you go

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