Nu’est – Hello Hello Lyrics

Nu’est – Hello Hello Lyrics


jogeumssik naege dagawa amudo nunchi mot chaege
yeogiseo sijakhae eunmilhage come to me

I want you shawty you’re my boo
neobakke anboyeo only you
i biteue matchwo onmomeul bachyeo
michidorok i bameul geochilge hechyeo
junbiwallyo! this is my show!
naman mitgo ttarawajwo
tteugeoun fahrenheit ollaganeungeoya

*bultaneun jigeum i bame Hello Hello
onmomi da buseojige Hello Hello
eumage chwihae momeul matgyeo
rideume matgyeo here we go! go! go! let me go
oneulbam itji motage Hello Hello
simjangi teojyeo beorige Hello Hello
jomyeonge chwihae momeul matgyeo
yeonghoneul matgyeo here we go! go! go! hello into your mind

joyonghi nareul ttarawa amudo eomneun goseseo
tteugeopge salmyeosi nal neukkyeobwa hear me now

neoui nunbichi malhago isseo deo isang ginjanghal pillyoneun eobseo
maeum ganeun dero momi ganeun dero
i jeonyureul neukkyeo chwihaebeoryeo
neoui jageun jageumahan sepoga yeollyeo
feel it feel it neoui jeongyeoreul neukkyeo
jageukjeogin neoui maltuga joha
uri bamsaedorok michindeusi nora


nae singyeongeun ontong neoege ppajyeodeureo
(naeiri omyeon urin dasi tto namigetji)
siganeul meomchul suman itdamyeon neol aneul su itdamyeon

English Translation

Come to me little by little so no one can notice
Let’s secretly start here – come to me

I want you shawty you’re my boo
I can only see you – only you
Go with this beat with your entire body
Roughly knock down this night like crazy
All ready! This is my show!
Just trust me and follow me
The hot fahrenheit is climbing up

* This burning moment tonight – hello hello
Make your entire body shatter – hello hello
Get drunk with the music, trust your body
Trust the rhythm – here we go, go go, let me go
So you won’t forget this night – hello hello
So your heart will explode – hello hello
Get drunk with the lights, trust your body
Trust your soul – here we go, go, go, hello into your mind

Quietly follow me to a place where no one is around
Passionately and softly feel me – hear me now

Your eyes are telling me, there’s no need to be nervous anymore
However your heart leads you, however your body leads you
Feel this charge, get drunk off of it
Your small and tiny cells are opening
Feel it, fell it, feel your passion
I like your intense words
Let’s play like crazy all night

* Repeat

All of my nerves have fallen for you
(When tomorrow comes, we’ll be strangers again)
If only I can stop time, if only I can hold you

* Repeat

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