XIA Junsu – Love Is Like Snowflake Lyrics

XIA Junsu – 사랑은 눈꽃처럼 (Love Is Like Snowflake) Lyrics (Nice Guy OST)

Romanization & English Translation

utneunda tto eojecheoreom nan
sumginda amu il eomneundeut
heorageobsi geudae mam salpyeo on
geudae mam gajiryeohan nae mogsingabwa
ijen gatgo sipeo

sarangeul jugeul mankeum hanjeok innayo
dan hanbeonman dan hanbeonman jebal dorabwayo
sorichyeo bulleobwado dachireul anha
neoreul saranghae neol saranghae
honjaseo doenoeineun mal
neol saranghae

harussik jal saraga bonda
jogeumssik beotil su itdorok
geudae eobsineun naeildo eobseultenikka
huimangdo eobseultenikka oneulcheoreom
ijen gatgo sipeo

C) banbok


ssahyeoganeun seulpeun geurium
sumi meojeul geot gata
huimihan bicheul ttara
ijen na neoege ganda

sarangeun nunkkoccheoreom dagaonabwa
son naemireo damabojiman neul nogabeoryeo
cheoeum bon sunganbuteo geudaeyeotgie
nan tto han georeum tto han georeum
naegen geudaeyeoyaman hanikka


I smile again like I did yesterday
I hide it as if nothing happened
Without permission, I looked into your heart
I guess it’s my part to take your heart
Now I want you

* Have you ever loved to death?
Just once, just once, please look back
I cry out and call you but it doesn’t reach you
I love you, I love you
Words I repeat by myself
I love you

I try to live each day well
So that I can endure through little by little
Because without you, there is no tomorrow
There is no hope, just like today
Now I want you

* Repeat

The sad longing builds up
It feels like my breath will stop
I follow the faint light
And now I go to you

Love comes like snowflakes
I hold out my hand to catch it but it always melts
From the moment I first saw you, it was always you
I take one step and again another step
Because to me, it needs to be only you

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